Fiebre is the love we have for music it is the culture that has raised us and our ancestors before us. Music is what drives us as individuals . No matter what culture or background you come from music is always an important part of peoples lives.Our mission is to connect people from all over the world through  music . 


We are an independent music label/event that showcases the unique artistry of artists, musicians and dancers amplifying their skills talents and craft. We are an innovating platform /community united in blending musical movements. Focused on bringing the culture and sound back to Los Angeles . We are giving back to the music community. Our sound is infinite we are a group of individuals that have a passion for music with no limits if the sound is right and feels right we bring it. Representing the diverse culture and heritage found in Los Angeles with many numerous genres of music and sound. Including edits,flips, remixes, beats, and original tracks. We welcome sounds and music from all over the globe for example Reggaeton, Dembow, Global house, tropical bass, Dancehall, Bachata,Cumbia, Baile funk, Salsa, Latin trap, Hip hop, R&B, Afrobeats/ Afrohouse, Reggae, spiritual bass/healing music, tribal sounds, Deep house, ballenato ElectroCumbia, and experimental beats.